World Lacrosse Prospects announced the start of its Club Partners Program today, along with information on the program’s vision and immediate goals.

WLP Directors Rich Carter (Del Ray Beach, FL) and Brian Fitzgibbons (Plymouth, MA) both coach in club programs in the United States, NexStar Lacrosse and Kings Lacrosse. “We’re excited to launch this part of our project as it’s one of the initiatives that we are most excited about. The landscape of club lacrosse in North America has matured significantly in the last few years and we believe that our Club Partner Program can provide a platform for these clubs to share the game of lacrosse with start up programs around the world,” Carter said.

In addition to his successful showcase program in the US, Rich Carter has experience coaching internationally on the Ireland Lacrosse staff.  Rich has coached in the program, recently coaching the 2016 Team Éire (Irish National Development Team) who won the tournament plate in the British National Championships for finishing in 5th place overall.  Rich served on the Irish National Team staff at the 2016 European Championships as well and will again serve as head coach of the Irish National Development team at the Nick Kehoe International (formerly the British National Championships | May 5-6, 2018); the Heritage Cup (Providence, RI | May 25-27, 2018); and the FIL World Lacrosse Championships in Netanya, Israel this July.

Brian Fitzgibbons is co-ower of Kings Lacrosse, one of the fastest growing club programs in the northeast (US).  The club has nearly 50 teams (both boys and girls, K-12) across the state of Massachusetts. Fitzgibbons is in his 5th season as the Defensive Coordinator for NCAA Division III Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  He will play on Coach Carter’s squads at the Nick Kehoe International, the Heritage Cup and the World Lacrosse Championships as a defenseman on the Irish National Development Team (Team Éire).

The WLP Club Partners program looks to start with coordinating the donation of equipment from the North American partners and building the initial relationship between the international partners by facilitating virtual coaching clinics.  Both directors feel that the connection between the experienced coaching in North America to the growing international clubs is an essential ingredient to the success of the project.

According to Brian Fitzgibbons, forming a long term relationship between the partner programs will foster success. “There are a ton of resources out there online for new coaches learning the game of lacrosse.  Sorting out what content is good, relevant and applicable to your program is not easy – even for someone who speaks the language the video is produced in and who knows the game.  We are certain that building a platform for a relationship between the coaches in our North American and international partners will prove extremely beneficial to the growing programs in building their curriculum, outlining their programs and developing their players.”

To learn more about the WLP Club Partners Program please submit the contact form below.

WLP is also hosting a series of Prospect ID events this summer in advance of the 2020 U19  FIL World Championship in Limerick, Ireland.  The events look to connect eligible heritage players in the US with the respective international programs, raise awareness of the international game and to provide a base for FIL member nations to create heritage based development teams. “We want to talk to any international program directors who do not currently have enough players for a U19 team. We believe that we can help augment their efforts to form a team with heritage players and provide the players born in the international countries an opportunity to compete internationally.  This is an opportunity they may not have had otherwise if there were only 9 or 10 U19 players able to participate.” Carter said.  “We’re providing a launch pad to get a U19 program off the ground.  After experiencing the World Championships, there is no doubt that those 9 or 10 players will inspire their friends to pick up the game.”

To learn more about WLP’s Prospect ID events, visit:

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