2018 Nick Kehoe International Tournament Preview

This weekend (5-6 May 2018) twelve teams will converge on the Wimslow Lacrosse Club (Manchester, UK) to compete for the Nick Kehoe Trophy. This is the tournament’s 19th year, formerly known as the British National Championships.

Participating in the tournament are a number of national programs preparing for the 2018 World Lacrosse Championships this July in Netanya, Israel and teams made up of the top talent across the United Kingdom.

Tournament Format

The twelve teams participating will be divided into three conferences for preliminary pool play on Saturday. Each team will play the other three teams in there conference in a shortened preliminary round of play (12 minute games). Following conference play, the top 2 teams in each conference will (ranked 1-6) will compete in the top group; the bottom two teams in each conference (ranked 7-12) will play in the second group. After the results are in from the group games, the tournament will be split into three divisions: Championship Trophy (Nick Kehoe Trophy), Plate Trophy and Centurion’s Development Trophy.

Finals and consolation games will take place on Sunday.

To see the full tournament rules, click here: NKI 2018 Tournament Rules.

Scores & Standings

To stay up to date on results from the 2018 NKI, follow World Lacrosse Prospects on Instagram @worldlaxpro or visit nki2018.worldlaxpro.com.

Nick Kehoe Internati


History of the Nick Kehoe International

History provided by Tournament Director, Clive Perrin.

The original National Championships were played between Yorkshire, Cheshire, Lancashire and South of England over 3 weekends. The original format had 25 minute quarters!! Then in 1990/91 and 1991/92 the Championships were played over a single December weekend at Hyde United ground.

Different formats and venues were tried subsequently until Nick Kehoe (then Yorkshire President, Sheffield Steelers stalwart, England Team Doctor and ELA President Elect) suggested moving the tournament to May and asked Wilmslow LC if we could host it over a single weekend. With the inclusion of Wales and Scotland, the British National Championships were born.

Within days of the first BNC being held, Nick was tragically killed in a hill walking accident in Scotland in May 1998. Nick was a very talented leader & administrator and his untimely death was a great loss to lacrosse. He was part of the group that brought the men’s & women’s games together to form the ELA. It was Nick that conceived the BNC weekend at Wilmslow and that’s why you play for the Nick Kehoe Trophy @ Wilmslow.

Brian and Betty Kehoe, Nick’s parents, have attended every BNC since his tragic death. They are justly proud of the influence their son had on the sport he loved, take great interest in the tournament & delight in presenting the Trophy each year. Many players over the past 19 years have benefited from being part of the BNC’s and now the “NKI” & they have Nick Kehoe’s vision to thank for that experience.

2018 Tournament Schedule

NKI 2018 Team Previews

North West

The defending 2017 Nick Kehoe Champion North West squad will look to make another run at the trophy.

North West NKI Roster

Tom Teale – Rochdale
George Dunn – Poynton
Nathan Madeley – Rochdale
Jack Peacock – Poynton
Edward Simkin-Byrne – Brooklands
Jordan Hall – Poynton
Aaron Duckworth – Rochdale
Elliott Condren – Cheadle
Scott Dagnanleach – Poynton
Marius Robinson – Timperley
Cameron Major – Mellor
Josh Turner – H Mersey
TJ Burgess – Timperley
Josh Kinder – H Mersey
Daniel Jones – Mellor
Daniel Madeley – Rochdale
Daniel Eckersall – Stockport
Billy Kershaw – Timperley
Nathan Edwards – Norbury
Will Prescott – Poynton
Elliott Bickerton – Mellor
Ed Loveland – Timperley
Jack Bulmer – Timperley
Sam Fisher – Norbury
Brandon Challinor – Cheadle
Charlie Warriner – Wilmslow
Ollie Lee – Timperley


The Spanish National Team looks to have a strong showing at the Nick Kehoe in its preparation for the 2018 FIL World Championships in Netanya, Israel where they will be competing in the Plum Division against New Zealand and Croatia.

The NKI represents the final part of the selection process for first year head coach, Mike Bartlett, to determine the 23-man roster that will be representing Spain in Netanya. Expect the Spanish team to leave it all out on the field.

In preliminary round, Spain faces the Welsh Unis, Yorkshire and the defending champion North West side.

Spain NKI Roster

G-Alvaro Couceiro (Madrid)
G-Alejandro Ferri (Cuenca)
D-Alberto Hoffman (Madrid)
D-Jamie Del Pozo (Madrid)
D-Roke Elexpuru (Barcelona)
D-Ion Rodriguez (Reading Wildcats)
D-Javi Coronado Garcia (Barcelona)
M-Ignacio Farjas (Madrid)
M-Luis Naranjo (Alicante)
M-Antonio Gavira (Sevilla)
M-Javier Coca-Rosello (Alicante)
M-Gabo Mattioli (Barcelona)
M-Miguel Buisan (Alicante)
M-Diego Diaz (Madrid)
M-Jonas Nienau (Madrid)
M-Carlos Rodriguez (Sevilla)
M-Alvaro Cassano (Barcelona)
M-Inigo Macias (Madrid)
A-Diego Larraz Ramirez (Exeter)
A-Jose Antonio Martinez (Madrid)
A-Juan Larrea (Madrid)
A-Josep Casuto (Alicante)
A-Pol Llorca (Cuenca)

Head Coach: Mike Bartlett (Poynton)

Learn More:

Instagram: @spainlacrosse
Support Team Spain’s fundraising efforts for the WLCs: https://www.gofundme.com/espanalacrosse

Welsh Unis

The Welsh Unis squad will be tested right away by tournament newcomer, Spain in their opening game.  They’ll go on to face NKI 2017 Champion North West in their second preliminary round game.  Finishing with Yorkshire in their final prelim match, the Welsh Unis look to make a run at the Nick Kehoe Trophy.

Welsh Unis NKI Roster

G- Josh Edwards (CAR)
G- David Ma (ABR)
D- Sam Harrison (CAR)
D- Tom HOlloway (ABR)
D- Charlie Roberts (ABR)
D- Llestyn Laing (CAR)
D- James Hebbard (CAR)
FO- Tomos Harvard (USW)
FO- Jack Hawkins (ABR)
FO- Ethan O’Conner (ABR)
FO- Luke Townrow (CAR)
FO- Tom Tait (CAR)
M – Cuan Higganbothan (ABR)
M- Jacob Adreasson (ABR)
M- Cameron Bull (ABR)
M- Joe Marchington (ABR)
M- Mike Williams (ABR)
M- Joe Bradley (ABR)
M- Luke Brierly (CAR)
A- Carwyn Davies (USW)
A- Stewart Brown (ABR)
A- Brendan Beagan (ABR)
A- Freddy Mandison (CAR)
A- Matt Wateridge (CAR)


Head Coach Matt Ball (Sheffield Steelers) with lead this year’s Yorkshire squad in the 2018 Nick Kehoe International.

Yorkshire NKI Roster

GK – Elliott Hurry (SUMLC)
GK – Matt Lynch (Hull/ Hull University)
D – Rob Broomhead (Sheffield Steelers)
D – Joe Chorlton (Leeds Beckett University)
D – Nick Furley (Sheffield Steelers)
D – Tom Horsefield (Sheffield Steelers)
D – Michael Jerman (Loughborough)
D – Connor McDermott (Sheffield Steelers)
D – Matt Moroney (Leeds Beckett University)
M – Nick Busby (Leeds)
M – Myles Davies (Leeds Beckett University)
M – Tim Deehan (Newcastle)
M – Ben Lyon (Sheffield Steelers)
M – Jethro Norman (Leeds)
M – Jamie Powell (Nottingham Trent University)
M – Danny Roberts (Leeds)
M – Josh Rowland (Sheffield Steelers)
M – James Spence (Hull)
M – Sam Wilks (Leeds Beckett University)
A – Sam Hemsley (Hull)
A – Rob Hopkins (Sheffield Steelers)
A – Phil Johnson (Sheffield Steelers)
A – James Mcharg (Leeds)

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YorkshireLacrosse/


The Belgian Men’s National Team has been locked in preparing for the WLC’s this July.

Belgium NKI Roster

Gilles Kerremans, Red Rhino
Jonathan Lefebvre, Brussels Beavers
Marty Feron, Braine Lions
Lionel Janssens, Braine Lions
Arthur Millan, Braine Lions
Steven Van Huynegem, Buggenhout Brewers
Emile Drijvers, Ghent Goblins
Jesse Heyninck, Bochum Isotopes
Gaspard Lens, Brussels Beavers
Guillaume Noack, Braine Lions
Thibault Stepman, Ghent Goblins
Louis Drijvers, Brussels Beavers
Jeremie Jochmans, Brussels Beavers
Diego Spillebeen, Braine Lions
Maxim Rossel
Mark Roes
Vincent Vanschoenbeek

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Instagram: @teambelgiumlacrosse

Eire (Ireland)

The Irish National Development Team (Team Eire) will feature a number of players from the 23-man Team Ireland roster that has been announced for the 2018 FIL World Championships. They will be led by veteran goalie, Kevin “Moffat” Quinn who has been selected for every major field tournament since 2009.

Coaching the team will be Rich Carter (Team Eire, Head Coach) and Michael Kennedy (CEO of Ireland Lacrosse). Coach Carter led the team in a strong showing in the 2016 NKI and returns this year with a roster of players with a solid amount of experience.

We’re hoping to be able to push transition with our defense.  We have some smart, athletic, players who can run the ball up field.  Our goal is to quickly establish our team synergy and play fast. Head Coach Rich Carter

Eire NKI Roster

Eire – Squad Released.

G- Kevin ‘Moffatt’ Quinn – Hampstead (UK)
D- Dara McCreary – Hampstead (UK)
D- Arthur Cullinan – Railway Union (Ireland)
D- Thomas Clohessy – Hitchin (UK)
D/LSM- Brian Fitzgibbons – Bowdoin College (USA)
LSM- Gearoid Dunbar – Carlow (Ireland)
M- Andy Gordon – QUB (Ireland)
M- Seán Keane – Spencer (UK)
M- Luke Mullery – Spencer (UK)
M- Darragh O’Keeffe – Newcastle (UK)
M- Kieran Pegrum-Milner – Epsom (UK)
M- Taylor Wallace – Timperley (UK)
M- Martin ‘Bonagee’ Scanlon – Railway Union (Ireland)
M/A- Adam Saint-Clair – Railway Union (Ireland)
M/A- Sam Burgess – Wilmslow (UK)
A- Dylan Walsh – Mayo (Ireland)
A- Pat McGowan – Timperley (UK)
A- Michio Clark – UCD (Ireland)
A- Cian Rushe – Railway Union (Ireland)

Rich Carter (Head Coach) – Villanova University (USA)
Michael Kennedy (Assistant Coach) – Railway Union (Ireland)

Learn More:

Instagram: @irelandlacrosse
Help support Team Eire: https://99pledges.com/fund/teameirelacrosse

English Unis

The English Unis will undoubtedly boast a strong team following their trials leading up to the NKI. The roster is made up of players from English Universities who are FIL eligible to compete for the English National Team.

The Enlgish Unis will face ScotlandBelgium and  Eire in the preliminary round.

English Unis NKI Roster

Tom Stephens (University of Bristol)
Jacob Thorne (University of Sussex)
Austin Holgate (University of Nottingham)
Matt Nadin (University of Bristol)
Seb Phillips (University of Bath)
Harry Parker (University of Bristol)
Kieran Garvey (University of Kent)
Matt Guidici (University of Bristol)
Tom Magrath (University of Loughborough)
Archie Mitchison (University of Surrey)
Jamie Southwarth (University of Manchester)
Tom Waldron (Oxford Brookes University)
Tom Roper (University of Kent)
Ben Colville (University College London)
Tom Jackson (University of Bristol)
Charlie Head (University of Bristol)
Sam Armitage (University of Hertfordshire)


You can expect a strong Scotland National Team, coached by Brian Silcott to make a run at the Nick Kehoe Trophy.  The team finished as last year’s runner up in the 2017 NKI. The anticipation is that much of the 23-man FIL 2018 WLC roster will be on hand as the Scots prepare for their Blue Division competition this summer.

Scotland will face English Unis, Eire and Belgium in the preliminary round.

Scotland NKI Roster

Trevor Jackson – Wilmslow LC/Glasgow City
Ethan Harris – Captial Lacrosse
Dean Stewart – SFU
Tom Loake – Hillcroft LC
Matt Hill – Glasgow City
Kento Matsuda – Glasgow City
John Goodwin – Hillcroft LC
Cameron Montgomery – Oxford University
Ben Matthews – Heaton Mersey
Fergus McMahon – University of Birmingham
Alex Harper – Welwyn Warriors
Thom Gilbrook – Hillcroft LC
Iain Vickars – Hillcroft LC / SFU
Resham Panesar – Spencer
Alex Mulholland – LaserSharks BLC
Ryan Sage – Mars Hill College
Matt Carey – Jacksonville Armadillos
Iain Murray – Glasgow University/Glasgow City
Cameron Richardson – Heaton Mersey
Jonathan Shaw – Glasgow City

Learn More

Instagram: @scotlacrosse

Scottish Unis

The Scottish Unis will be tested right away in the prelimary round facing a tough South squad, followed by games against Wales and Switzerland.  The team will look to generate early offense in the shortened preliminary round games.

Scottish Unis NKI Roster

Daniel Ludwig, Aberdeen
Shing Hei Ho, Dundee
Ryan Dewar,Dundee
Corrie Bruce, Glasgow
Sasha Thain, Glasgow
Tim Mottram, Glasgow
Frazer Hunter, Glasgow
Peter Sheperd, RGU
Cameron Anderson, Stirling
Matt Ferguson, Stirling
Craig Thompson, Stirling
Colin Weir, Stirling
David Currie, Stirling
Janne Mattila, Stirling
Frazer Silcock, Stirling
John McIntyre, Strathclyde
Calum Barrett, Strathclyde
Magnus Leivestad Hall, Strathclyde
Gareth Roberts, Strathclyde
Kyle McKenzie, Strathclyde


The South of England Men’s Lacrosse Association Squad for the Nick Kehoe will be led by Captains Rhod Stanford (Hillcroft) and Rob Holmes (Spencer).

South NKI Roster

Rick Bone (Spencer)
Toby Cleaver-Ross (Hillcroft)
Tom Rocher (Spencer)
Tom Bailey (Spencer)
Ollie Barrett (Blues)
Brett Williams (Hampstead)
John Sirisuth (Hampstead)
Rhod Stanford (Hillcroft) – Capt.
James Devine (Hampstead)
Mike Malara (Spencer)
Paddy Atkinson (Spencer)
Jules Elwood (Spencer)
Nathan Hoole-Jackson (Hampstead)
Pete Ross (Blues)
Tom Wright (Blues)
Will Pickett (Hampstead)
Jono Linebaugh (Cambridge)
Rob Holmes (Spencer) – Capt.
Brian Potter (Hampstead)

Learn more:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SEMLALAX/


The Swiss team opens with Wales, South and the Scottish Unis in preliminary round competition.

Switzerland NKI Roster

0 (A) Joni Schreiber, Olten
2 (M) Atte Troesch, Zurich
3 (D) Dino Crameri, Wettingen
4 (M) Paul Schneider, Wettingen
5 (D) Michael Haller, Wettingen
8 (M) Daniel Hagnauer, Zurich
9 (M) Ian Schoch, Zurich
10 (D) Samuel Achermann, Wettingen
11 (M) Florian Bachman, Olten
12 (M) Lukas Heri, Solothurn
13 (A) Philipp Sponagel, Zurich
16 (G) Patrick Ponce, Wettingen
18 (D) Jakob Buhmann, Zurich
20 (M) Frederick Pflug, Zurich
21 (A) Luis Zurkichen, Zurich
22 (A) Felix Stutz, Zurich
23 (A) Thomas Haussener, Zurich
25 (A) Chris McCall, Zurich
26 (M) Jan Krauss, Solothurn
27 (D) Stefan Zweifel, Fribourg
31 (D) Michael Hamer, Zurich
32 (M) Martin Joho, Wettingen
41 (D) Tobias Schaer, Bern
66 (A) David Bamert, Wettingen
80 (D) Andrin Brader, Wettingen
85 (G) Dominik Guentensperger, Wettingen
91 (M) Thierry Frei, Wettingen
92 (G) Andre Bremgartner, Olten

Learn More

Instagram: @swisslax

Wales Dragons

Wales NKI Roster

James Lloyd, Cheltenham
Peter Dobson, Wilmslow
David Richardson, Oxford Uni
Ben Pugh, Liverpool
Jon Mills, Hampstead
James Gibson, Cardiff Harlequins
Chris Hockey, Guildford
Joe Hicks Maidstone
Alex Foster Powell, Bath/Oxford Uni
Harry Alty, Timperley
James Adamson
Sam Miles, Liverpool
Rhys Hill, Spencer
Oliver Harwood, Brooklands/Bangor Uni
Luke Wylie, Guildford
Ben Lewry, Guildford
Chris Webborn, Milton Keynes
Ben Brookes, Liverpool
Jack Hallett, Birmingham City/Birmingham Uni
Ben Jesson, Tasis England
Ryan Walker, East

Learn More

Instagram: @walesmenslax
Help support the Wales National Team: https://www.gofundme.com/waleslax2018

NKI Tournament Officials


Phil Pearson
Ian Ashworth 
Graham Blythe
Emma Jones
Rob Powell
Craig Stephens
Jan Heumann
Pete Harrey
Mark Whittle
Tony Nugent
Simon Crowther
James Hawksworth
David Appleby
Richard Ollerenshaw
Rick Lloyd
Lorna Powell (CBO)
+ two level course candidates


Phil Pearson
Ian Ashworth
Simon Crowther
Emma Jones
Jakob Grossenhagenbrock
Rob Powell
Craig Stephens
Jan Heuman
Peter Davidson
Mike Leahy
Lorna (CBO)
Dave Baythorpe
+two level two course candidates

Stay tuned for coverage of the Heritage Cup (hosted by Israel Lacrosse) 25-27 May! 12 international programs converge on Providence, RI (USA) in preparation for the WLC’s in Netanya!



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