Save Time. Save Money. Gain Exposure.

GamePay will save you time, money, and create exposure for your events.  The powerful and customizable platform gives you a simple way to list and sell your events, all while eliminating most of your traditional administrative duties.

As a seller you have 2 options; GamePay or GamePay Basic.  


Do you want a full service platform that includes customers service, and event revenue collection. Let GamePay be your front office and take administrative work off your hands. 

Cost; $1.99 USD per transaction + 2% Convenience Fee for your client.

GamePay Basic

If you want a simple registration form that can collect all the necessary information that you want to collect you need then GamePay Basic is an insanely easy and powerful platform. With GamePay basic you collect your own funds from your clients.
Cost; $1.99 per transaction. Zero Convenience Fee


Collecting waivers is a necessary part of running an event. GamePay's waiver platform makes this process easy. Waivers are included as part of your transaction fee.


Please complete this simple form and we’ll get you started and get your event live!


The customer service at GamePay is easy to reach. Please click on the blue intercom button on the bottom right of your screen and Ian or Deb will be right there. 

Not at all. We’re here to help you and we’ll bend over backwards to help you out with your events. 

We try to get your event live within 24hrs. Time is money for you so we do our best to make sure the details get taken care of.