So Easy That You Can Complete In Seconds

The GamePay Digital Waiver & Contract platform provides you with a powerful tool to collect the signatures that you need. Simply email or text your clients your waiver or contract and they can sign within seconds. 

1. Create your Waiver or Contract

Provide GamePay with the necessary info and we'll build out your waiver or contract for you. You can sit back and relax.

2. Text or email your waiver Or contract to your client

Yes it's as easy as that. Once your client opens your link there is no instructions needed. They can complete and sign the waiver/contract in seconds using their phone, tablet, or computer. Yes, it's that easy!

3. Your Personal Dashboard

No need to print any of the returned contracts or waivers. Rest assured they will all be sitting in your personal dashboard waiting for you. Seriously, it's that easy!


Waivers – included for free if you use the GamePay registration tool. If not it’s 50 cents a waiver.

Contracts – $2.00 per contract collected.