MassCrease 8 Private Lesson Package


Sold By: Mass Crease
Sold By MassCrease
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Private Lessons

At Mass Crease we base our entire philosophy around working with the individual goalie. During private lessons this individual attention is only heightened. Lessons can be customized to fit the goalies needs and weaknesses. Due to the individual instruction drills and topics will vary from week to week, and goalie to goalie on a case by case basis. The lessons allow the coaches to individualize the lessons to goalies strengths and weaknesses and also push goalies to their fullest.

This is a package for (8) private lessons with MassCrease, at a discounted rate. (Lessons are typically $130 if purchased individually.)

After purchasing, you will be delivered with a coupon code that will be used to schedule each of the (8) lessons.


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